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Why Some Women Don’t Attract Love with Makhosi Candiss Pitts

The Wait


Ladies, we’ve all been there. 


It’s Saturday night. You’re sitting on your couch in front of the television while your favorite romantic comedy, let’s just say Sex And the City, is watching you more than you’re watching it. 


Instead, your attention is fixated on your phone. It’s been five minutes since it last buzzed. You’re feeling anxious. You put it down and nurse your frustration with a tub of ice cream. But even the cold sugar rush can’t calm you. 


Suddenly, your phone lights up and buzzes. Your fingers scramble to grab it. There’s a message…from your mother. She wants to know if you’ve tried the casserole recipe she sent you. 


You roll your eyes, throw your phone, and scream. 

Just a Slight Adjustment


So why is it that we experience so much agony and frustration in our quest for love? Is it because as some experts say, we’re too needy or bitchy or both? Or perhaps we’re too passive, too complacent, too lazy? More importantly, how do we fix the damn thing? 


What if nothing needed to be fixed, just slightly adjusted? The answer is an issue of balance. Not brokenness. 


This is great news because it means that you, by just slightly shifting your energy, can transition from phone fixation to goddess relaxation. 


Who doesn’t want to be a goddess? (I know that there’s plenty of drama to go around in mythology, but just roll with me here.) Goddesses are rock stars because they know how to balance and use both their masculine and feminine energies to their advantage. They know their worth. And they are not shy about standing firmly in their power.


Wouldn’t you love to:

  • Not worry about when and if he’s going to call you?
  • Attract quality men?
  • Have irresistible energy?
  • Live fully in the moment no matter who you’re with and what you’re doing?
  • Feel confident that no matter what, you’re going to be okay?


How to Find the Balance


These are goddess qualities that you can practice and develop until they become second nature. The operative words here are practice and develop. It will take time to master these skills. But you can do it. Here’s how:


  • Observe yourself. Be fully present and just notice your feelings and actions without judgment.
  • Take a deep breath. Don’t be afraid to feel whatever emotions come up for you. Sit and breathe through them.
  • Ask your higher self, “What is the wisest action I should take?”
  • Follow your guidance. 


When you take these steps, you will balance your feminine energy—-that part of you that stops, observes, and waits for the right time to take action—-with your masculine energy, the part of you that takes the action. 


As you observe and wait, you are taking in and receiving information. This is the crux of feminine energy—-receiving, allowing goodness to flow to you.


The crux of masculine energy, on the other hand, is taking action, doing, providing, giving. 


As women, we experience an imbalance when we engage one energy way more often than the other in our relationships. Usually, we use our masculine energy way more often than our feminine energy. And who can blame us? We’re living in a time when women are expected to be independent, to fend for themselves, to bring home the bacon. 


But when we’re with a man, we have to learn to tone down the masculine and amplify the feminine. Allow him to initiate a phone call and plan a date. In the meantime, enjoy your life. When you step into your feminine energy, he will step into his masculine energy.


And if he doesn’t, that probably means that you have a feminine man. Just sayin’.


So, when you find yourself sitting in front of the television, phone in one hand, ice cream in the other, take a deep breath. Put the phone down. Put the ice cream away. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket, light a few candles, and just relax…



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